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Empower collaborative conservation and collective impact today!

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Collaborative conversation is the catalyst that moves the needle on ecological health and creating a sustainable future

The Stewardship Network connects people and organizations with a like-minded purpose: to create and maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems. To be effective collaborative groups, these dynamic change-makers need structure, tools, training, funding, and logistical support. By supporting stewards at the local level, The Stewardship Network is the catalyst for the change that these local champions envision. In just 15 short years, our Network has become an internationally acclaimed agent of transformational change and empowerment, and there continues to be a growing demand for our presence and programs across the country and abroad.

The work that we do at The Stewardship Network has ripple effects well beyond the local community, too. We forge connections across geographies, disciplines, and organizational cultures to increase the flow of information and resources among researchers and experts, professionals, volunteers, landowners, students, and organizations. The Stewardship Network is the web that connects the curious to the knowledgeable, the theory to the practice, and the vision to the impact.

Please help us celebrate our 15-year anniversary by making a tax deductible contribution today, so we can continue connecting and supporting stewards like you!

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